AARP Medicare Supplement – Login into Your Account

If you want to manage the medical bills, update nominees, and other medical information on the insurance you acquired from, then you need to register with AARP Medicare.

The portal allows you to book appointments with the doctor you want, submit the medical bills, and process the claims quickly. You must log in to MyAARPMedicare to register.

There are many Medicare options available, and the most widely used is the AARP Medicare. 


The best thing is that when you choose the official site to register, you do not have to rely on the other portals to sign up or fetch the medical information.

The American Association of Retired Persons, or AARP, is the non-profit organization that offers this insurance to its members. All the members can access their medical information and other details on this portal.

The company will cater insurance services to middle-aged and senior citizens. Individuals above 50 years old would become members of AARP.

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What is AARP Medicare?

AARP is the leading insurance policy that is taken by the old people. It is issued by United Insurance. All the AARP United Healthcare providers will take care of the AARP services.

It was founded way back in 1958. The policy is to empower people to lead a happy life and not to worry about their medical expenses. The organization has around 32 million insurance holders with it.

The best part is that this company offers many Medicare supplement plans that people with different health conditions and budgets can avail of. The policies are made to eliminate health issues and gain access to the best medical facilities. 

Login requirements for AARP Medicare supplement plan

If you want to login to the portal, you need to meet these login requirements:

  • You should log in with a laptop, phone, or tablet. 
  •  Need to have stable internet connectivity
  •  Should be familiar with Spanish or English language

After you fulfill all these requirements, you can log in to the portal. However, before moving ahead, you must register to the portal and create the credentials.

Registering to AARP Medicare supplement portal

When you have availed the insurance policy with AARP Medicare, the next thing you should do is register with the portal:

  1. Visit and log in to the Registration page of the AARP Medicare website.
  2.  Click Register now to register your details.

The Registration form is displayed.

  1. Provide all your details in the form with the AARP Medicare login ID. Once you complete filling out the form, click Continue. 

Follow all the instructions to complete the registration process. After the registration is done, you will be provided with the AARP Medicare member ID plan. It is a must for the insurer to remember this ID. Registering successfully will turn you into a permanent member of the health insurance plan. 

You can use the login credentials that are set during the registration process to login to the portal. It is important for you to provide all the details right away to avoid inaccurate information later. 

Steps to login into the AARP Medicare supplement portal 

You need to follow these steps to login to the AARP Medicare portal:

  1. Land on the AARP official portal ( and click Sign in.
  2.  Enter the username and password in the respective fields to click Sign in.

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Resetting the username and password of AARP Medicare supplement portal

People login to the portal from their mobile, tablet, or laptop. The most common issue that they face is forgetting their username or password. However, they do not have to panic since they can retrieve both using the forgot username and password options available on the official portal. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you contact the support team of the AARP Medicare supplement?

The support team’s contact details are 1877-699-5710. The team is available from 8 am to 8 pm. 

Is it worth choosing the AARP Medicare supplement?

If you want a lot of medical insurance benefits, you must choose AARP Medicare supplement plan. It allows you to buy supplements with this plan. You just have to pay USD 16 per year for membership to gain access to many benefits and services. 

What AARP Medicare plans are available for consumers?

There are different AARP plans available for medical insurers, such as Medicare Advantage, Original Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and prescription Advantage insurance. 

In which language is the official website of AARP Medicare?

The AARP Medicare website is in different languages, such as Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Korean. 


You might have an idea about how to log in to the AARP Medicare portal to register yourself when you availed of the AARP Medicare supplement plan.

You can also contact the support team in case of any queries. Taking the insurance is helpful to reduce the burden of medical expenses on you. The best thing about the portal is that it allows you to book appointments and submit claims with ease. 

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