AARP Provider – Login Into Your Account

The insurance holders of AARP and healthcare providers such as healthcare professionals, hospitals, and physicians can access this login portal.

The provider must register to create an account to log in to the portal to check the claim status of patients who are eligible to be part of AARP Medicare. 

The portal is accessible to healthcare professionals who serve customers with UnitedHealthcare Medicare supplements and hospital indemnity plans.


The providers can access patient and specific information such as eligibility and benefits, claims, prior authorizations, referrals, forms, and reports.

Requirements to register on the AARP Medicare portal as a provider

The following are the requirements that a provider should meet to login to the portal:

  • One healthcare ID
  •  Organization Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  •  A National Provider Identifier (NPI) given to clinicians and physicians

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How Do You Register For The AARP Provider Login?

You can only register as the AARP provider to the login portal only when you have one healthcare ID. You can register to the portal by linking the ID to the organization’s TIN. You have to start logging in with the ID and password.

  • Select the organization type

When you register from the login provider portal or login and do not connect the TIN, i.e., Taxpayer ID number, this redirects the user to register to this portal.

The process starts with the selection of the organization type. You can follow this registration process to register as a healthcare professional or facility. 

  • Provide the Tax ID Number (TIN)

You must provide the tax ID number in the respective field and click Next.

Select this option only if the Primary access administrator is needed

Many registrants will not see this step and will continue to validate their account details. If your organization is new to this login portal, you will be notified if the primary access administrator is required after providing the TIN.

You can either assign this role to yourself or assign the role to the eligible person on the list. However, if you are unsure about the primary access administrator, then you can discontinue the registration process. 

  • Confirm the account details

If your organization has assigned the primary access administrator role to anyone, then you can continue verifying your account details. You can see the status bar on the top to see the progress of the steps you are making during the registration process. 

To confirm the account details, you must use your one healthcare ID credentials. Also, you must provide your mobile number and then proceed further by clicking Next. 

  • Select the job functions

Select the job functions based on the role you are handling in the company. The possible roles you can find in the provider login portal are:

  • Administrative Staff
  •  Clinician
  •  Physician 
  •  Support Staff

However, it is important to note that if you are registering as a clinician or physician, you also have to submit the National Provider Identifier (NIP) Number and click Next. 

  • Select the check box for portal access

Select all tasks that you want the user with the role to perform on the provider portal. You can select all or choose the capabilities based on the job function. However, you can adjust the capabilities later, and this can only be done by the primary access administrator. 

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  • Review and confirm the details provided

You must review the information that you have submitted so far in the registration screens, make the necessary edits, and then click Confirm.

You will get a success message and an email if the request is approved or denied. 

You can explore the other services available on AARP Medicare until the admin approves your request. 


What organizations will use the AARP provider login?

The portal will be used by different organizations such as:
1) Health care professional
2) Billing Company
3) Business vendor
4) Health care facility 

Many organizations are new to the AARP portal, so how do they start the registration process?

The new organization should have primary access administration and complete the one healthcare ID registration to provide login credentials to the provider. 

What are the different levels of provider portal access offered?

Yes, there are different levels of access provided to the user based on their roles and responsibilities. For security purposes, every user associated with the provider will be given different credentials. Primary access administrators can create and manage users, validate user registrations, and manage third-party access.
Administrators can control the user logins of standard users and other admins. They approve the job functions and control access to the organization’s TINs. 
Standard users will have access to unlimited standard users and can register access to the portal. 

I am not able to log in to the portal. Why?

The portal accounts will be deactivated in 90 days when there is no activity. You can react by contacting the admin. 


Now that you have learned how to register and log in to the provider portal, you can use this portal to work round the clock to manage the patient information and have access to their benefits, forms, claims, and other reports. If you are in doubt about the registration, read the above article.


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