How To Pay Myaarpmedicare Premium Online is an online portal that provides you access to medical insurance plans, submit claims, and update nominee details.

The portal has started to meet people’s health needs. Undeniably, AARPMedicare is the health insurance policy provided to US citizens.

When you purchase medical insurance, you have to pay the premium to keep the insurance active and get covered. There are many ways to pay the premium.


It also depends on which part of Medicare you are paying and whether or not you are receiving any Social Security benefits. 

Many people do not pay the premium for Medicare Part A. However, the premium is paid for Medicare Part B. People with higher incomes should pay higher premiums.

You also have to pay the premium if you want extra policies that you have purchased from private insurers. This will cover additional costs incurred for your treatment. The Medicare Part D covers the prescription plans and Medicare supplement plans.

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Paying the premium for Medicare Part A

You do not have to pay the premium for Medicare Part A in case you or your spouse have Medicare tax deductions in the pay for 10 years.

If you or your spouse have not worked for so long, then you have to pay a monthly premium. You will have to pay USD 274 for part A if you have paid Medicare taxes for 30 to 39 quarters.

If you and your spouse paid for the Medicare taxes for 30 quarters, you can pay USD 499 every month. 

You can pay the Medicare Part A electronically, or you can send the amount by mail.

Paying the premium for Medicare Part B

If you get social security benefits or any benefits from the Railroad Retirement Board (RBB), then your premium amount for Medicare Part B will be automatically deducted from the benefits you receive.

You do not have to pay any bills. If you do not have any Social Security benefits, then you will receive a quarterly bill from Medicare ( for the premium you have to pay. 

You can use any of the following ways to pay the premium.

Login to the Medicare account to pay online

Navigate to the Medicare website to pay online (

  1. Login with valid credentials at
  2.  Select My Premiums from the drop-down menu and click pay Now to make the payment.
  3.  Note: You can make the payment using a credit card or debit card or transfer funds electronically either from the checking or savings account. 
  4.  Choose the payment method of your choice to pay the premium amount you would want to pay.
  5.  You will be redirected to the US Treasury secure site to make the payment successfully.
  6.  Once the payment is made, a confirmation number is generated. You have to keep this safe for later use or as proof that you made the payment. 

The bank takes five business days to process the transaction. If you are making the payment using a credit card, the processing is done swiftly. 

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Sign up For Easy Pay

It is a free service that can be availed by premium users. Medicare will deduct the amount automatically from your savings or checking account. It is an auto-debit option that you can set.

It allows you to make the payment on time and without your intervention. The deductions will be made on the day you have set up the direct debit.

For this, you have to sign up for Medicare Easy Pay at

  1. Login to the Medicare account by providing valid credentials. 
  2.  Select My Premium Sign up to complete the form that prompts you with basic details.

You can also enroll for the easy pay by sending out a mail to the respective authority. You need to keep in mind that the automatic deductions will happen from the account only after 6 to 8 weeks after it is set. Until then, you have to pay the premium through the account online.

Once the Easy Pay option is established, you will receive a confirmation. Subsequently, the amount will be deducted from the account. You can see this payment in the statement as the Medicare premium. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is myaarpmedicare portal all about?

It is a portal where you can manage your medical information and update nominee details. Also, you can book appointments as it allows access to various health services for the members of AARP and to the doctors across the US in 6,000 hospitals. 

Can I pay from a checking or savings account?

You can log in to your bank’s personal banking account and start to pay the premium online. For this, you will need an 11-character Medicare number. You can find this number on the card. You have to provide the payee’s name and address. These payments will be processed in five business days. However, it also depends on how long the bank takes to process the payment. It varies from bank to bank.

Can I mail the payment to Medicare?

Yes, it is considered to be another method most of the non-tech savvy follow, which is to mail the payment using a check, money order, credit card, or debit card. You can write the Medicare number, fill in the payment coupon, and send it to the premium collection center. 


Buying insurance is not enough. You have to keep it active by paying the premium. You can pay the premium without a miss online. Now, you might have got an idea of how to pay a premium online. Never miss the next payment by logging into the myaarpmedicare port.

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