How to Register MyAARPMedicare Account?

Myaarpmedicare is a trusted portal that is built by AARP Medicare. Through this portal, you can register for medical care, get supplements, and find out what diseases you can get treatment for.

There are a lot of Medicare options available for people. The most widely chosen option by many is the AARP Medicare. 

How-to-Register-MyAARPMedicare -Account?

You can easily register and log in with the registered credentials to access the portal. You can manage all the medical-related information on this portal and by landing at

You can get the Medicare information you want without having to face any of the hassle of logging in or signing up for everything. 

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What is AARP Medicare?

It is an online platform designed for members of AARP. It allows them to check the medical coverage for which the members are eligible online. They can also submit medical bills and track the claim status.

The best thing about the Myaarpmedicare portal is that the members can also update their details at any point in time and change their coverage plans based on their medical requirements.

They can also add and remove nominees from the coverage. It is also easier to find doctors of different specializations in your area and book an appointment. 

Steps to register with AARP Medicare

Here is the step-by-step procedure you have to follow to register to the Myaarpmedicare portal. You can complete the whole registration process online without having to stand in the queue at the AARP centers.

By registering, you will have access to the Medicare information at your fingertips, benefits you can reap, claim information, and everything related to AARP Medicare right from the comfort of your home. 

However, to register to this portal, you must be an AARP Medicare Member and should hold the ID. You can register to manage your and your family members’ medical details.

  1. Enter the AARP Medicare website URL, i.e.,, in the web address field of the browser. 
  2.  Click Register to start the registration process. You can see this button on the top right corner of the page. 
  3.  Complete the registration form with various details such as name, date of birth, zip code, and AARP Medicare member ID.
  4.  Click Continue.
  5.  Provide the username and password for the account. 
  6.  Set the security questions with the instructions you have on the screen.
  7.  Accept the terms and conditions.
  8.  Click Complete Registration to complete the registration process and set up the account successfully. 

Once your account is set up, you can log in to the site with these valid credentials to access all the features of Myaarpmedicare. You can also gain access to health information, claims, and other benefits. 

Logging in to the AARP Medicare portal

If you are a member of Myaarpmedicare, you can log in to the portal with the valid credentials that you have given during the registration process. You can manage health information, claims, and other benefits. You can follow these steps to manage your account and all your healthcare needs:

  1. Land on the Medicare website. Click Sign In on the top right corner of the page
  2.  Enter the username and password. Please enter the password correctly, as this field is case-sensitive. 
  3.  Select the Remember my username check box on this trusted device to save the login credentials.
  4.  Click Sign in. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are United Healthcare and AARP Medicare the same?

Yes, both are the same. AARP healthcare is the collaboration between AARP and United Healthcare and is provided only to the AARP members who can have access to health insurance as well as services offered by UnitedHealthcare. 

How many different types of medical plans are available with AARP Medicare?

Different types of Medicare plans are offered by AARP, such as medical advantage plans, Medicare supplement plans, Medicare special needs plans, and Medicare Part D prescription drug plans. 

What is the benefit of taking AARP Medicare?

With AARP Medicare, you can have access to the coverage details, find doctors in your area, add nominees, submit claims, check your medical history, access prescriptions, book doctor’s appointments, and pay bills online. You can also have quick access to AARP Medicare customer support in no time.

Can I buy a hearing aid with the AARP Medicare plan?

Yes, AARP Medical plans cover hearing aids. However, it all depends on which plan you choose. You can buy and submit the bills to get the amount you paid to your bank account. 

What is the average amount I should pay for AARP Medicare?

There are a few medical coverage plans from AARP that offer you coverage when you are traveling internationally. However, the coverage you get with this medical card in other countries is limited. You can review the plans to check what is covered and what is not. 


The AARP Medicare portal is useful for people who are taking medical plans with this company. Through the portal, users can also find doctors in their area, track their medical history, and have access to various medical supplies. 

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