AARP Provider Customer Support

AARP provider also has access to the portal. If they have any problem accessing the portal or other details, they can reach out to Myaarpmedicare support.

The portal access is given to its employees, healthcare professionals, clinicians, and physicians to check patient information and other practice-related information around the clock.

The portal also helps them get updates on the claims submitted by patients, reconsiderations, and appeals, submit prior authorization requests, and check eligibility without having to call.


If you have any questions while registering or after logging into the portal, then you can get in touch with the customer support team.

Support is offered not just to members but also to providers. The best option available for providers is to use the live chat option, which requires them to provide one healthcare ID.

It is a must to provide the ID to chat with the advocate to get accurate answers to your questions. 

You can ask questions related to claim status and plan coverage by getting in touch with customer support. You can also learn about health insurance products by calling the support team at 1-800-523-5800. If you have issues with one healthcare ID or password, you can contact support. 

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These are some support options available for providers:

AARP Portal Support

The provider can get support for access and login to the portal. They can ask Myaarpmedicare support questions between 7 am and 7 pm CT from Monday to Friday through chat.

The support team is also available by calling this number, 866-842-3278, and tap option 1 after you call this number.

Electronic data interchange (EDI) support

If you have any queries, you can complete the automated transaction support form, or you can email the query to 

The community plans EDI support.

You can email the queries to or ring to this number 800-210-8315 for Myaarpmedicare support.

API support

You can get API support by sending an email to or 

The most common question that providers have is about the one healthcare ID. This is the organization’s tax ID that is required during the registration process.

You cannot directly login to the portal. You may face these issues. Therefore, the first person to log in would be the primary access administrator. This person can access and manage the other users in the company. 

You cannot also access the portal as soon as you log in. If you experience this issue, you must first contact your admin.

If the admin is unable to resolve the issue, then you can get in touch with the Myaarpmedicare support team, who can help you fix the issue. After self-registration, you must wait for the administrator to approve the request and provide the tax ID number required for the role.

Once the registration is successful, you will receive an email. If your admin has created the account for you to access the portal, then you can start to use the portal immediately after the one healthcare ID is set up for you.

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Another big challenge faced by the provider is the deactivation of the account. If you face deactivation, do not call Myaarpmedicare support directly. Instead, approach your admin, who can restore the deactivated account.

As soon as the account is activated, you must log in and use the portal regularly to avoid deactivation.


Who should you contact if you have any questions about using the portal?

If you have any concerns about using the one healthcare ID or password, you can call the support team at 1-855-819-5909. If there are any claim-related issues, you can call 1-888-697-7845. These people are available from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 7 pm.

Do you charge anything for the support or for using the portal?

No, you are free to contact the support team whenever you need any help accessing the site or if the problem with the portal needs to be addressed. There is nothing that you should pay to receive support or use the portal. 

Our address on the portal is incorrect; how can I correct it?

The address available on the provider portal cannot be used for mailing. If you have any address corrections or any job function corrections, you can call the support team at 1-888-697-7845.

How do I find the EOB/check for the patient?

If you are a provider and want to find your patient’s EOB, you can use the claim search option. For this, you need to use the first 9 digits on the insured member ID and date of service to search the individual patient’s claim. You can also find out the explanation of benefits (EOB) details using the check search option and choose paid outstanding. You can take a look at the checks that are processed. You can click on the check that you are searching for, and clicking on this will provide you with the patient details who should be paid on that check.


Now that you have learned whom to approach, whenever you have any issue accessing the portal, you can first contact the admin, and if the a

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