How To Reset My Myaarpmedicare Account Password?

Have you created the account using the login? Then, if you have forgotten the username or password, you have to retrieve those to access the account.

Without the right username and password, you cannot log in, manage your medical information, or apply for medical claims. In this post, you will learn how to recover the account password. 

How-To-Recover-My-Myaarpmedicare -Account-Password?

Before you start to learn how to recover the password and username, you also have to learn a bit about the login website.

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About MyAARPMedicare login is an online portal designed for members of AARPMedicare. AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) has collaborated with United Healthcare, which is one of the largest insurance providers in the US, to offer insurance services to its members.

They can also book an appointment with doctors and track their medical history and claims in a hassle-free way. When you log in to this portal as a member, you can see the benefits, doctors, and providers in your area and access the medical prescriptions. login also allows the members to manage and update the AARP Medicare coverage with ease. They can also update their personal information, change coverage plans to the plan they want to opt for and add or remove dependents from the coverage plan at any point in time. 

All the members can access login in to their Medicare account. It also provides access to managed health insurance and critical information about the coverage. It is very important for members to keep their username and password secured and should also know how to recover the forgotten or lost username or password. 

Steps To Recover Myaarpmedicare Account Password

Many people will forget the password often. You do not have to panic if you forget your password to access the account. You have the option to reset the password with ease. Here are the simple steps you must follow to reset the password:

  1. 1Navigate to from the browser.
Steps to Reset MyAARPMedicare Password
  1. Click Sign in, which is on the top-right corner of the page, to log in to You will be redirected to the login page.
  2.  Click Forgot password is located below the Sign in and Register Now buttons.
  3. Provide the registered username.
  4.  Click Continue to log in to go through the next steps in resetting the password. 
  5.  Provide the registered phone number in the respective field to confirm the identity.
  6.  Click Call me. After this, you will receive a call from myaarpmedicare along with a secret OTP.
  7.  Provide the OTP in the confirmation code field.
  8.  Click Continue. Once the identity is confirmed, an email is sent to your registered email address with the link to reset the password. 
  9.  Click the link in the email that takes you to the page where you can set a new password and confirm the same new password. 
  10.  Click Save Changes to save the new password. 

Now, you have successfully reset the password. You must keep the password secure and should not share it with anyone. If you face any problem while resetting the password, you must get in touch with contact AARP Medicare customer service for assistance. 

Steps to recover username for myaarpmedicare account

It is quite frustrating for you to forget the username. However, there are simple steps you must follow to retrieve the username. We recommend you try it out with the username you remember; if not, you can reset it. 

Here are the steps you must follow to recover the username:

  1. Open the AARP Medicare website by providing this URL in the web address field, login.
  2.  Click Sign in, which is at the top right corner of the page. You are redirected to the login page of the AARP Medicare portal. 
  3.  Click the Forgot Username button below the Sign In and Register Now buttons.
  4.  Provide the required details to recover the username or set a new username. The information you must enter includes your first and last name, date of birth, and email address provided at the time of registration.
  5.  Click Continue. 
  6.  Follow all the instructions on the screen to verify the identity and recover the username.
  7.  Once the verification process is completed, the username will be emailed to the given email address. 

If you fail to recover the username despite following the above steps, you can contact the customer service team of AARP Medicare. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What tips do you must follow to secure the login credentials?

Tips to secure login credentials are: 
Do not share the login details with anyone, even your family members
Set a strong password, and the password should not be your date of birth, phone number, or name. 
Keep changing the password regularly so that it becomes tough for anyone to guess.

I forgot my Myaarpmedicare account password? How do I retrieve it?

When you forget the password, you can easily retrieve it by clicking on Forgot password, which you find on the sign-in page. You can set the new password and login to the account to perform the operations as before.

Why to use Myaarpmedicare portal?

The portal enables the members to have quick access to manage their medical information and coverage online. 


You might have learned how to retrieve the username of the myaarpmedicare account in this article. Whenever you forget the username or password, do not panic. Just follow these instructions to restore the login credentials quickly. 

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