How Do I Check My AARP Membership?

There are many benefits that older people can reap from holding an AARP membership by logging into

Having this allows you to get discounts, health and wellness advice, financial planning, and other benefits. Using this membership, you can also get discounts on travel and entertainment.

How-Do-I-Check-My-AARP -Membership

AARP caters to this membership only to older people who want benefits and a community that is there to take care of them.

The company offers annual membership, giving access to senior discounts and offers. Apart from saving money, members of AARP can also get perks from publications to games.

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What is AARP?

AARP was founded with the main aim of providing health insurance for retirees since not many health insurance providers would offer insurance to old people.

The same organization has gone on to develop many benefits and programs to promote independence for the old people. Insurance will help them improve their quality of life.

AARP is a non-profit company that focuses on empowering seniors to let them live the way they want. There are around 38 million members in this company, and the offices are set up in every state in the US.

The organization will advocate for the issues that impact the lives of old people with a focus on health, safety, and financial issues. 

  • Age to join AARP

AARP is for individuals who are above 50 years of age. There is no minimum age to join AARP on

Though you are not 50 yet, you can be a member of AARP, but you cannot access the benefits that seniors can have. Holding this card will let the members get discounts on travel to groceries. 

  • Cost to join AARP membership

If you want to join AARP at, you need to pay the membership fee of USD 16 per year. When you hold the membership, you can apply for a second membership that you can give to the adult in the household.

If you set for the auto-renewal of the membership, USD 12 per year will be deducted in the first year. You can also choose the membership for three to five years, paying USD 43, and for five years, you need to pay USD 63.

When you join as a member, you will need to provide information such as name, birthday, and address. You can create an AARP account online to receive a membership card. 

Benefits of AARP membership

Being a member of, you can have access to games and various activities that promote health.

There are money tools with which you can manage finances and get free assistance with security through the fraud resource center.

There are also free educational resources and tools available to look for ways to volunteer in the community.

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Check my AARP membership number

Here is the step-by-step procedure you must follow to check the AARP membership number:

  1. Login to the
  2.  Provide the login credentials in the respective fields.
  3.  Click Log in 
  4.  Search for the name in the search bar available on the top of the screen and click on it to get a drop-down list. 
  5.  Select My Account option from the drop-down
  6.  View and update all the account details on the My AARP and Account details tab, such as membership number, membership expiration date, address, email address, spouse information, community username, and temporary address. 


How do you get a new card or a replacement AARP membership card?

In case you or your household member has lost the card, you can get a replacement card free of cost. No sensitive information was found on the card. It only has the name and membership number. 

How to add a spouse’s name to the AARP card?

When you sign up for the AARP membership, you will be asked to provide the spouse or secondary household member to be added to the membership account. However, you can update this information whenever you want.

How do you update the payment information to pay the premium for the AARP membership?

You must go to the My Account section on and navigate to the Account details tab, where the existing AARP membership payment details are available. You can change or update these details with the latest information. 

How can I join AARP?

You can join AARP quickly and easily. You have to click Join Now on the sign-up page of the AARP site and choose the membership term period. Later, you have to provide the information required on the sign-up form and submit it to AARP. After you get the membership, you can start enjoying the membership benefits.


It is good for senior citizens to hold membership with AARP to cover their medical expenses and get discounts on whatever they buy. It helps them lead a quality life with little money. The premium for the card is also affordable. If you are above 50, then why not avail of this membership?

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